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Hugely talented at their craft, drawing on an extensive range of musical experience, influence and styles"

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"Natural Talent, Magnetic Energy"

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"They are very well groovy and one of the most interesting new bands in the Midlands"

Moseley Folk Festival


Orange River @The Marrs Bar, Worcester 22nd April 2022


As one anonymous but forever immortal wise ass once cracked that nostalgia ain’t what it used to be. Tonight’s retro laden Marrs Bar line up of Orange River Remedy and trad rockers US gave the perfect opportunity to put that new folk wisdom to a stringent examination.

A neon Orange River Remedy stage light buzzes into mellow tangerine life and it’s no minor detail because, as it turns out, it’s the flicked switch that transports all present back to ’67 and the summer of love, Sunset Strip bars full of the beautiful people, Monterey, Woodstock it’s all there as ORR immediately WOW! us all over and over again with their mix of covers and dazzlingly arranged original material.  Versions of The Doors (Break On Through, Back Door Man),The Kinks (Accute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues) and Dr Hook (Millionaire) are all gutsy calls but ORR show the innovation that is clearly their stock-in-trade to carry them off brilliantly.  That same innovative spirit is front and centre in original songs Confusion, Sunny Lady and Rollin’ On, whose complex harmonies and arrangements are all nailed dead on like a carpenter possessed.


There is such a joy to every second of ORR’s performance and they carry the watchers along on it. The brothers Hansel play off each other beautifully, guitarist Rikki with his stunning fret work, Ty is engaging with the audience and flowing in his bass style while drummer Lottie Pennington, who is both stoic and energetic, treats us to her lightening bright smile every time the exhilarating vibes of her bandmates overwhelm her – and us. A cover of Little Richard’s “Tutti Frutti” is a surprising but pleasing end to ORR’s offerings and the response to it, and them, confirms the many new friends they have made here tonight.

As ORR leave the stage many are left wondering about how it is that these three young people ended up playing the type of music they do – and to such a high level.  There’s one thing for sure though, whatever the answer to that question may be, in troubled times, Orange River Remedy have the cure to all your blues.  Groovy, man.


By: Fisch

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