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Rikki Hansel

Guitarist , Vocals and Harmonica

Rikki was born and grew up in South Africa, coming to the UK in 2016 with his brother Ty, with whom he shares a musical passion ignited at a young age by his father and uncle. With the excitement of landing in the UK and meeting up with their youngest brother for the first time in ages, Rikki left his beloved guitar on the train, never to be seen again!

Rikki is a calm, spiritual considerate person, with an incredible natural musical ability and a love for rock, soul and blues of any era. His vocal range is amazing (and complimented by brother Ty's vocal harmonies). It is a delight to see him play live and you will be bemused by how he juggles guitar, harmonica, vocals and pedals all at once.

Always seen with his harmonica on a frame around his neck, he adds a very special something to every song. His guitar skills are exceptional, with groovy riffs and bluesy chords, all coupled to soulful harmonica and rock vocals. He is a well respected musician, both locally and internationally and often plays with notable musicians.

Skilled at his craft, Rikki not only teaches guitar, but he is also a guitar specialist, selling hand built bespoke guitars, designed and made by small specialist companies.

Rikki is a walking encyclopaedia of music with a huge list of musical influences including Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie, Frank Sinatra, Ocean Colour Scene members Adam Barry and Dan Seely. His influence also extends to his band members Ty and Lottie.

Winner of "Godiva Calling" and on the main stage at Godiva Fest 2019, he has also performed as a session guitarist and is currently the Musical Director at the Play House Theatre Stratford on Avon Christmas Panto. 

His favourite guitarists include Jorma Kaukonen, John Fogerty, Dickie Betts, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Robert Johnson, BB King, Peter Green and Elmore James.

Whilst growing up beside a river in South Africa, he now lives along the River Avon in Warwickshire and any spare time is used for his passion of fishing and he can often be found on the river bank or wading down the river.


Tyron Hansel

Bass Guitarist and Vocals

Tyron was born and grew up in South Africa where he developed his musical love with the encouragement of his father and uncle. In 2016 Ty and his brother Rikki arrived in the UK with £60 in their pocket, seeking better opportunities in the music industry and a new way of life. His happy, cheerful, positive thinking and hard work has landed some great results. 

Although an excellent technical guitarist, the band needed a brilliant bassist and they looked no further than Ty for the job.

Sharing the front line with his brother Rikki, it feels reminiscent of the Beatles on stage with a left handed bassist beside a right handed guitarist, providing a great balance, both in looks and in tone. Vocally, Ty has the voice of a Rock God and harmonies that will amaze you with a massive range and vocal texture.

With vast influences such as The Kinks, The Doors, Bob Marley, Rob Heron, The Rolling Stones, Harry Belafonte, Frank Sinatra, Jefferson Airplane, Canned Heat, The Allman Brothers, Muddy Waters, Mardy Balin, Peter Tosh, it's no wonder he knows how to give soul and groove to the music.

Daytime finds Ty working for an artisan bakery, where they create the most amazing craft products. Also known in the area for his "Best Burgers In The World", dripping in one of his home made sauces, he  sells them to a hungry eager crowd.

Ty has not only a passion for music, he loves to cook and garden, a lover of all things outdoors, trees, woods, mountains and forests, but best of all, he loves to combine all his passions by being on a mountain, field or woodland, guitar in hand, the band by his side and a good Braai (BBQ) on the go, usually barefoot and laughing.


Lottie has been a passionate drummer from the age of 7 and has performed as a session drummer on stage and in theatre productions. She studied music in Birmingham whilst continuing to teach the drums. In the daytime, you will now find her teaching in schools and local studios, helping others to be musically creative, her students enjoying a 100% exam success rate over the years.

With her natural ability and cool presence, she makes drumming look effortless, whilst her technical skills are vast and varied and lend themselves to a wide range of genres. Lottie is also an expert sight reader. Her “Happy Place” is on stage, performing with the band where she also uses her vocal experiences from her ‘a cappella’ days as a singer to supply backing and vocal harmonies. Lottie holds a Guinness World Record for the most drummers ‘sticking together’, in conjunction with the charitable cause of raising money for the MS Society.

Her range of musical appreciation and influence is considerable, with inspiration coming from the late, great Neil Peart of Canadian rock band Rush and Led Zeppelins drummer John Bonham through to Zac Farro of Paramore. She loves anything written with a great beat that involves technical complexity and interest. For smaller venues, Lottie uses a Ludwig Breakbeats kit as it delivers a good punchy sound, whilst for larger venues she sits at her full-sized Ludwig kit.

Lottie fills her spare time with her daughter (without doubt a future drummer) and her family and friends, sharing travel and good food. Lottie is proof that being a great drummer is not just a man’s game – watch that girl at the back!!

                                Lottie Pennington
                      Drummer and backing vocals

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